Mike Lejeune

Being a Faith-Based Leader at Work and Home

“Have you ever heard someone give a talk and later realized how connected and uplifted you felt? For me this happens every time I hear Mike Lejeune speak. When he delivers a message, he always impacts me and our family in a positive way. Mike is God-fearing, always lively, energetic, and inspiring with constant messages of uplifting encouragement.”

- Alejo and Lorena Ovañanos


  • Answer the Call: Be a Game Changer
  • How Faith Based Leadership Drives Engagement & Retention
  • The Mindset of Top Performing Leaders
  • Leading a Blended Life with Career & Family
  • The Journey of Transition - Parenting Through the Teenage Years
  • A Fathers Love - Fighting the Blurriness of Busyness to Shape Hearts & Lives
  • The Power of an Abiding Relationship


  • Conference Speaker and Workshop Facilitator
  • Leader of Weekend Retreats for Couples and Parents
  • Bible Study Instructor at one of Houston’s oldest and largest churches
  • Executive Board member for JH Outback Texas Ministries
  • Praise Worship Team Musician: “I wasn’t a musician - I was a drummer”

Mike & Nikki are co-authors of
A Father’s Love: The Generational Bridge that changes hearts forever.

What Mike Believes:

  • God provides everyone with unique gifts that when stretched, blossom into amazing talents.
  • Growth cannot exist without discomfort. Learning comes from the discomfort.
  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God, revealing unimaginable depths of His love for each one of us.
  • Our journey will be revealed one door at a time. What we tackle today becomes the key to the door of success that tomorrow brings.
  • We are made to laugh. Fun deep laughs, like the kind that makes milk snort out of our noses.
  • As adults, we learn best when we laugh (excluding when milk is coming out of our noses) and mimicking success patterns of others.
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“Leadership is a quality most of us recognize when we see it modeled by a great leader. It can be more difficult to teach, coach, or write about, than it is to model. Mike Lejeune is a great speaker, coach, teacher who effectively communicates what leadership is because he lives it in every aspect of his life, whether it be his business, family, church, or his many service opportunities. Mike motivates you with personal illustrations from his own experiences as well as experiences from many of the leaders he has personally met and interviewed, as he teaches and coaches you how to become a more effective leader.”

-Mike Richter, Outback Texas Ministries

Mike Lejeune